Therapeutic services
for individuals,
families and schools.

Our Services

Interlocking Connections provides services deeply rooted in the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) as well as other theoretical and psychological perspectives.

We offer behavioral consultation, behavior support plan development, implementation and training, crisis and classroom management training, functional behavior assessment and analysis, social skills training and diagnostic assessments.  Explore our services below…

Counseling Services

Available in-office or via telehealth, our services encompass a wide-range of cognitive behavioral strategies with the use of applied behavior analysis, social skills training, functional life skills training, verbal behavior therapy, play therapy and diagnostic assessments.

ABA Therapy

Available in-home and on-site to help individuals develop new skills, shape current skills, and modify behaviors that allow for successful and independent functioning. ABA focuses on socialization, increasing or decreasing behaviors, daily living skills, community skills, communication, functional life skills, vocational development, academics and flexibility.

School Districts

We work directly with school districts to provide behavioral services and consultation including crisis and classroom management training, behavior consultation, 1:1 support, development of functional behavior assessments, behavior support plans, training and implementation of individualized plans and strategies, social skills training, counseling and diagnostic assessments.

State of Connecticut

Interlocking Connections is a vendor for the state’s Department of Social Services and Department of Developmental Services, which provide services to children and adults with developmental disabilities.  Our staff provides home and community-based services to individuals, families and affiliated support groups. We help guide people to a fulfilling life of community connection and independence through life skills coaching and community mentoring.

Customized Employment

Our staff helps find employment opportunities for those identified with a disability by first gathering background information to understand their strengths and weaknesses. The goal is to find fulfilling jobs that improve the individual’s quality of work, benefiting both the employee and employer.

Training & Supervision

We provide training and supervision for professionals seeking BCBA, BCaBA, LPC, LMHC and LCSW credentialing, and advanced behavioral training and classroom management strategies. Supervision opportunities are provided to allow for maximum hands-on experience.

Community Mentoring & Life Skills

Our staff connects individuals with the community to increase participation and inclusiveness, explore their talents and potential, and impact their quality of life and mental health.

We help people acquire lifelong skills to increase their independence at home and in the community. This includes executive functioning skills, daily living skills, personal care, occupational skills, safety awareness, social skills and self-advocacy skills.